How to Enter

ESM has updated the application process for the European Private Label Awards, to make it easier for applicants. The same application process applies for both retailers and suppliers. Please consult the Terms & Conditions before entering. Before completing your application please take note of the following:

Getting Started

To commence the application process using the form below, please select ‘European Private Label Awards 2025’, followed by the number of products / categories you wish to enter.

Promo Codes

Discounts apply for multiple product entries, and a Promo Code* should be applied to avail of this discount.

  • If entering between 11 and 20 products, use the promo code 11-20-epla
  • If entering between 21 and 50 products, use the promo code 21-50-epla
  • If entering more than 50 products, use the promo code 50-epla

*Please apply the Promo Code before clicking ENTER NOW

Completing Your Application

Once you have filled out basic information about yourself, you will be asked whether you wish to a) Pay Later, b) Pay By Credit Card, or c) Pay By Bank Transfer. Select the option you require, and then click FINALIZE. This will then take you to the APPLICANT PORTAL, where you can fill in more information about each entry.

If you have any questions about the application process, contact [email protected].