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Non-Food (Household)
Änglamark Laundry Detergent Range
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Änglamark Laundry Detergent Range


Coop Trading (Denmark)


Nopa Nordic A/S

Coop Trading’s Änglamark Colour liquid detergent has been developed in collaboration with Nopa Nordic and Novozymes, and contains six special and efficient enzymes. Änglamark Colour Liquid Detergent was voted ‘Best in Test’ by Forbrugerrådet Tænk, in Denmark. The bottle, which is made from 77% recycled plastic, includes dosage guidance, to prevent overuse, as well as a non-drip function.

The judges said:The “clear, easy-to-use” packaging was praised, as well as the “simple, clean” branding and “allergy-appropriate” composition. The product was also acknowledged for “enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices”.