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Non-Food (Personal Care)
Conad Baby Natural Bath & Hair Ultra-Delicate
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Conad Baby Natural Bath & Hair Ultra-Delicate


Conad Soc.Coop (Italy)


Co. ind s.c

Conad’s Baby Natural line aims to meet emerging trends in terms of naturalness while creating value and giving more solutions and choice to consumers. It is characterised by innovative, ultra-delicate formulas with more than 90% ingredients of natural origin, and by the use of organic extracts of camomile and calendula. The entire range, which includes wet wipes, baby bath products and hair products, is paraben-free.

The judges said:The judges said that the Conad Baby Natural range is “attractively packaged” and creates a distinct “brand identity” within the Conad private-label offering. It is “ideal” for shoppers who want to make more sustainable choices when purchasing baby products.