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Deluxe Tomahawk Steak
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Deluxe Tomahawk Steak


Lidl Denmark


Skare Meat Packers

The Lidl Deluxe tomahawk steak comes from the front rib of beef cattle and consists of the entire rib bone, as well as meat that is matured for at least 14 days. Its eye-catching presentation makes it stand out on shelf.
The product is sourced from Skare Meat Packers, a premium producer of beef and veal products, which has an output of around 60,000 tonnes per year and supplies to retailers across Europe.

The judges said:The visual impact of the product certainly caught the eye ­– “Pure theatre,” as one put it ­– but Lidl Denmark’s Deluxe Tomahawk Steak was also praised for its succulent flavour. “Very special presentation, at a good price” was the general verdict for this “special” product.