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Kipster Eggs
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Kipster Eggs


Lidl (Netherlands)



Lidl Netherlands describes Kipster eggs as the most ‘environmentally friendly eggs in the world’, with the product available exclusively at Lidl since October 2017. At Kipster, the focus is 100% on sustainability: the well-being of the chickens, the impact of the barn on the environment (the roof features more than 1,000 solar panels, to keep baby chicks warm), and the feed, sourced from leftovers from local bakeries.
The eggs come in packs of five (priced €1.19), in attractive light-blue packaging, bearing the insignia ‘Milieu dier & vriendelijker’ (‘Friendlier to animals and the environment’).

The judges said:The judges described Kipster Eggs as a product with “excellent credentials” and a “great taste”. The packaging was described as “quirky, but attractive”, with one judge saying that the product deserves recognition for its sustainability credentials. Overall, the unanimous verdict was that this was a “great concept, and a great product”.