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Non-Food (Personal Care)
Lovena Cotton Buds
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Lovena Cotton Buds


Salling Group (Denmark)


Zhejiang Kangmin Medical and Health

Salling Group’s new Iovena Cotton Buds feature sticks made from sustainable bamboo. In addition, the box in which these cotton buds are packaged is FSC certified and made with 100% recycled materials.
In Denmark, Salling Group was a ‘first-mover’ in terms of the removal of plastic from this category, and it intends to improve upon this with the next update of the product. The product has resulted in the reduction of 90 tonnes of plastic from the supply chain.

The judges said: Salling Group’s efforts to reduce single-use plastic were acknowledged, with the judges describing the product as a “novel, forward-thinking initiative.” They also praised the “simple, sleek” packaging.