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Beverages (Alcoholic)
SPAR Tripel with Pine
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SPAR Tripel with Pine


SPAR Holding B.V. (Netherlands)


Brouwerij 't Meuleneind

SPAR Netherlands teamed up with Brouwerij ‘t Meuleneind to develop a tripel-style beer that taps into the growing demand for craft beers and ales in the country.
Almost every week, a beer festival is taking place somewhere in the Netherlands, with the Untappd app one of the most popular digital platforms for people interested in learning more about this growing category. Most of all, however, new products entering the market need to taste good, and this, the SPAR Tripel Met Dennentoppen (pale ale with pine), hits the mark.

The judges described the product as “very tasty”, appreciating the “small batch” approach taken by SPAR in developing this niche product. Another judge described the flavour as “smooth, with a refreshing hint of pine,” while another suggested that the retailer should do more on pack to communicate the qualities of what is a “very impressive” product.